Whether it is a wireless or wired mouse

Because no one knows if iOS really supports the mouse. However, we can fully confirm that the iOS app will definitely support mouse operations, because Apple has made it clear that the iOS app will be able to run on macOS, and will also adapt to the way Mac devices are used, including the Ttackpad trackpad. And mouse input, adjustable windowing, scroll bars, as well as copy and paste and drag and drop to provide optimization, 2019 will be open to developers to adapt.
After 2020, Apple Mac computers are expected to be equipped with ARM-based chips designed independently, but the specific time depends on the software work. The progress of the software work is actually related to how many iOS apps are adapted to macOS. And once there are millions of iOS apps on the Mac Store, Apple is the equivalent of an ARM-based Mac device, or an iOS-based notebook that supports both touch and mouse operations. computer.

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