Track better sensor performance uses the TrueMove1 sensor, which, as its name suggests, is specially optimized for 1:1 tracking and provides more accurate tracking performance in the 3500 DPI range, which is undoubtedly for me as a low DPI player. It is a bonus.
This mouse gives me the intuitive feeling that it is better to grasp, the size is also very suitable, the operation is not bad, recently on the 5E, recently used this mouse. The performance is not bad, and now many mice are losing weight. I hope to make some changes on the high-end models. Also operate. It’s simple to delete and use, from the point of view of the hand, remove some functions that seem to be less practical. As an FPS gaming mouse within 200 yuan, I feel very suitable for the new use, just entered the pit of the FPS, and the hand is also a little lacking, starting a Famas. He can give a good operational guarantee.
The hard gaming mouse pad made of metal, glass and synthetic resin may be unfamiliar to ordinary users, but it is a rare weapon in the eyes of gamers. It has high smoothness and high flatness. At the same time, it also integrates a good sense of control. The hard game mouse pad products of Sai Rui have already made a name for themselves before the well-known QcK series gaming mouse pad.

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