Mouse wiring and body design

The wire is a 1.8 meter long black rubber thread that is very soft and has an MSI logo on the USB plug.
The measured weight of the mouse is about 74.8 grams, and with a small body, it is indeed a veritable mouse.
How small is it Anyway, it is much shorter than the mouse I used. I have a hand length of 17cm. When I hold this mouse, my palm is a bit empty. If you play games, some FPS games are not too stable. It is quite easy to use MOBA games that need to slide frequently for short periods of time.
According to my grasping habit, the tail of the mouse only exceeds the root of the finger. Although the support of the mouse on the palm is relatively weak, I usually use the mouse to hold the palm, so this mouse does not have any for me. What is not easy. Its just that the big-handed user who likes to hold it is not very acceptable.
After the power is turned on, the tail dragon pattern will always be bright red backlight. This mouse also has no driver support, so the light cannot be changed.
Although the light-transmitting material is also provided at the roller, there is no backlight, and some are a pity. Occasionally, when the mouse is slid, a little red is leaked from the sensor.

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