Mouse wheel design

Between the upper cover and the bottom case, there is also a layer of mirror material to separate. In this way, the number of molds used by this mouse is really quite a lot.
The left and right buttons of the mouse are designed in one piece, and the sound is still crisp. The transparent material is also used on both sides of the roller, and the anti-slip pattern is in the middle. The damping feeling is ok. In terms of the standard of playing professional peripherals for many years, the feedback feeling is slightly weaker; the square button behind the wheel is the DPI cycle switching button, the third gear The DPI is 1000 default 1600 2000, respectively, and cannot be modified.
There are small details on the left and right buttons. If you don’t see the price, I can hardly believe that you can see so many details on a mouse with less than 50 yuan.
The bottom shell is slightly shabby, and the two round dots on the tail are not big enough. The position of the bald head is closer to the edge. The official description sensor is the ATC7525 optical sensor with a refresh rate of 125 Hz and an acceleration of 8 g.

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