Mouse price and parameters

The series of mouse positioning mid-range products, this upgrade is a wired version. is an asymmetric mouse with a skin-like coating on the top and 6 programmable G keys. The wire length is 2.1m, the size is 124mm 68mm n43mm, and the mouse weight is 87.3g 10g. The price is 449 yuan. is a mid- to high-end wireless product in the G-series mouse. G703 is an asymmetric mouse with 6 programmable G keys. In terms of mouse size, 124mm*68mm*43mm, mouse weight 95g 10g. Finally, the price is 699 yuan.
The G903 is a high-end wireless product that targets the series of mice. The mouse is designed with left and right symmetry, and the programmable G key reaches 11. In terms of mouse size, 130mm*67mm*40mm, mouse weight 110g 10g.

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