Mouse pad innovation

In 2001, launched its first product, the iCEMAT gaming mouse pad, which was created by the brand’s founder, keyboardandmouseinusa, with its enthusiasm for e-sports and the enthusiasm for competitive peripherals. Through the complicated mechanical grinding process, the excellent appearance and distinctive feel make the iCEMAT gaming mouse pad popular.
The synthetic resin gaming mouse pad has a large use area of ??320mm 270mm, which can bring more operating space to CS players who are used to low CPI and low mouse speed operation, helping them achieve more outstanding positioning performance in the game. . The matt surface of the mouse pad is densely packed with matt particles, which can bring accurate positioning reference to the mouse optical sensor, bringing a smooth and easy to control experience. The Seri S&S Synthetic Resin gaming mouse pad has won recognition from many professional teams including SK and has become the standard equipment for countless CS players.
The success of S&S proved that the FPS players represented by CS at that time were more inclined to high-precision positioning performance in the selection of the mouse pad, and also had great requirements on the size of the mouse pad. Sai Rui accurately grasps the pulse of the players’ needs. In 2005, it has completely updated its prestigious iCEMAT glass gaming mouse pad, and launched the iCEMAT2 mouse pad to meet the CS player’s low speed and high precision operation requirements with a larger use area.

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