Mouse pad design

The success of the iCEMAT gaming mouse pad not only laid the e-sports pedigree of the brand, but also made it an irreplaceable classic in the hearts of gamers. Today, the well-packaged quality, such as the new iCEMAT gaming mouse pad, has become a rare collection of treasures in the eyes of peripheral enthusiasts. For the player, iCEMAT is not just a special glass mouse pad, but also carries the youth and memories of the past.
Also in 2001, also launched another hard gaming mouse pad 3S. Compared with the iCEMAT glass gaming mouse pad, the reputation of the 3S gaming mouse pad may be much smaller, and even the players in the circle are not very familiar, but for the, the meaning of the 3S gaming mouse pad is inferior. The iCEMAT glass gaming mouse pad.

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