Mouse packaging and parameters

The packaging of is really a bit unexpected. The size is only about 120*85*41mm square, and there is not even a palm. The packaging style is a family style red and white wind, maybe this is the pride of the brand itself.
The back information is slightly more, showing the product structure, as well as specifications and system requirements.
When you open the package, there is only a mouse protected by a plastic bag. There are no other accessories. Yes, there are no instructions. This is a basic mouse. The functions of each button and part have been introduced on the back of the package. It seems that there is no need for the manual to exist.
The DS86 is a left-right symmetrical mouse with a rounded shape and looks a bit slick.
The size of the mouse is about: 107*63.5*39mm, no wonder the box is so pocket-sized.
Although the box says that this is an eSports mouse, I think it should be more in line with the positioning of the office mouse. However, the shape design of the mouse is not too random, and the middle ends of the left and right sides have obvious waist.

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