Lightweight wireless office mouse,

I believe that most of the value is still relatively important. After all, no one wants to find a stupid black and thick mouse in the coffee shop or meeting customers. For this reason, Leibai provides the M200 Plus with black rock and linen gray. And the three colors of cobalt blue and green, this fresh and elegant simple style is also in line with the preferences of young users today.
The most attractive aspect of the appearance is that the entire upper cover is made of fabric design. It has a strong sense of unity and brings a lot of freshness to the user. The surface fabric is made of linen material, and the touch is better. The strong concavity and sensation can enhance the certain anti-slip effect when used by the user. When there is sweat, there is no sticky feeling of ABS material.
The Raytheon M200 Plus features a symmetrical design with a three-dimensional size of only 113*63*30 mm. Even with a battery, it has a weight of only 85g. The lightweight weight and portable size make it a cumbersome task when moving or traveling

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